Amazon Offering $90 Fire HD Tablets

The new launch will compete against Apple's iPad.


This past Wednesday, Amazon announced that it would be launching two Fire HD tablets. The updated Fire tablets will be equipped with faster processors, additional storage space, and other improvements. Amazon plans to launch the tablets on June 3. Pricing for the new models will start at $89.99.

The new Fire HD 8 is an entry-level model that will have 32 GB of storage capacity. The Fire HD 8Plus will have the ability to wirelessly charge the device and will have more RAM than the other model. Buyers of the Fire HD 8Plus will also be able to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for six-months. The tablet, additional RAM, and Kindle Unlimited subscription will sell as a bundle for $109.99

The launching of the new tablets comes at a good time, while much of the world’s population is under partial lockdowns to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Though some communities will be re-entering public life, at least partially, many at home will need an outlet to pass the time.

Tablets are generally considered good for tasks at home. The screens of tablets are larger than those on a phone and display content better. Since the lockdowns, sales in the U.S. have been up for tablets and other electronics. Tablets, televisions, and personal computers have seen a 33 percent increase in sales during the first week of May, compared to last year.

Amazon plans to sell its tablets at lower prices, but make revenue as consumers buy digital content, including books and movies, on the Amazon website. Amazon’s tablet competition is Apple’s iPad. The iPad’s basic model sells for $329. Last year, Amazon was fourth in line for the numbers of tablets sold and shipped. Huawei, Samsung, and Apple were ahead of Amazon in tablet sales.

The release of Amazon’s new tablet models implies that its supply chain is intact and that the e-commerce company can deliver new product launches, which is good news for the company and for consumers.

Amazon’s new product offerings will also use a standard charger, USB-C, to charge the new tablets. The charger is also used for most Android phones, tablets, and laptops. The new Fire HD 8 tablets have microSD card slots built into them, which expands the storage capacity of the tablets. The new battery life is also improved at 12 hours. The older model had a battery life of 10 hours.

Amazon will begin shipping out its new tablets on June 3. The company also plans to release a tablet for kids that will sell for $139.99. Amazon’s Fire HD Kid’s Edition will include a year’s subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, its subscription to children’s books, games, and videos.


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