Amazon Plans Big Summer Sale on June 22

The online retailer hopes to boost sales for sellers who were the most impacted by delays and out of stock items during the pandemic.


Amazon has alerted its sellers that it plans to host a summer sale, beginning June 22. The sale is expected to help boost sales for sellers who had to deal with delivery delays due to priority shipments at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The retailer is also hoping to be able to offer many out-of-stock items that were unavailable for the first three months of the viral outbreak. The sale will last from a week to 10 days.

The e-commerce store has been working round the clock to return to a sense of normalcy. It has focused on restocking its warehouses. Amazon had also delayed its annual two-day Prime Day event, which typically is held in mid-July. Sources say the marquee event may not be held until September this year.

The summer sale event is an “invitation only” event for Amazon sellers. In a note to sellers, Amazon wrote: “We are having the Biggest Summer Sale event to drive excitement and jump-start sales. To drive customer engagement, we are asking for your participation.”

In the note, Amazon called the event a “Fashion Summer Sale Event”, which might mean that Amazon is favoring apparel merchants in the invites. But there is no clear indication which items the retailer will feature for the sale, nor is it understood if the sale prices will be for Prime members only or all customers.

The company has asked its sellers to determine which items they can submit for the sale, but with a caveat: the items must be discounted by at least 30 percent. Amazon is currently finalizing landing pages for the sale.

Some sellers have had problems keeping up, while others have had inventory accumulate in their warehouses. Essential items, such as hand sanitizer, medical goods, and paper towels, were prioritized for shipment beginning in March. This pushed back delivery for many items offered by Amazon’s sellers.

Amazon is hoping that the excess inventory will move in its summer sale. Operations have slowly been returning to normal over the past few weeks. Many sellers look forward to the sale and hope to make up for revenue that was lost from March to May.


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