Amazon’s Product Announcements are Here

The e-commerce giant is also doing a makeover of its Echo Show product.


On Thursday, Amazon’s annual hardware event was the setting for its new product announcements. The event was accessible by media only and closed to the public. We have a recap of some of what was announced.

First, the e-commerce company announced updates for its Fire TV Stick. It will also introduce a more economical option for its consumers, the Fire TV Stick Lite. Its signature Fire TV Stick will be 50 percent more powerful than the previous generation’s model thanks to an enhanced processor. 

Amazon is also rolling out a videogame streaming service, Luna. The company hopes to give Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s own streaming service a run for their money. Previously, there was speculation that Amazon would launch a streaming service to compete with Microsoft and Google. Amazon’s new service will integrate with its popular Twitch platform.

Amazon’s Luna will work on its Fire TV, PCs, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. The video game product will feature 100 curated games that are accessed with a Luna gaming controller. Luna’s launch date has yet to be announced, but for now, the company is offering the service by invitation. “What it allows is that you can just get started. It’ll expand the number of people that have easy access to just be able to play,” Amazon said.

Amazon is also revamping its voice-activated smart display device. The Echo Show 10 will offer a 13-megapixel camera and a 10” screen. The new device will come with a built-in Alexa. Other new Echo products will be an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot for Kids, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot With Clock. 

Amazon will also be offering an in-car security product for automobiles. Its Ring Car Alarm will first launch in Tesla vehicles. Other car products offered by Amazon will be the Ring Car Connect and the Ring Car Cam. The Ring Car Connect will initially be compatible with Tesla’s S, X, Y, and Model 3. The Connect product will allow a user to get alerts for detected events, while the Car Cam will record footage. The tool will be useful to monitor break-ins and other events as well as having the ability to call for help when it detects an accident.

Finally, Amazon announced its Eero 6 routers. The company will be releasing two models, the Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6. Both models support Wi-Fi 6 for faster speed and multiple device use. The Eero 6 will allow a user to simultaneously connect over 75 devices.

And as if those things weren’t enough, how about a drone? Amazon’s Ring is basically a flying security camera that makes its way around your house. The product is called “Always Home Cam.” Some have expressed privacy concerns about the tiny drone, which Amazon describes as an autonomous indoor camera that allows multiple viewpoints of a home. The company has said the drone only records when in flight, so privacy issues shouldn’t be of concern as the camera is blocked when docked. Users will be able to hear the drone when it’s in operation.


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