GM Debuts Its Cadillac Lyric

The all-electric midsize crossover is set to be in American showrooms by late 2022.


On Thursday, GM debuted its North American plans to launch the Cadillac Lyriq as the American automaker unveiled the “next chapter” in luxury automobiles. The Lyriq is the first vehicle to come with the automaker’s next-generation batteries and electric vehicle architecture.

The Lyriq will initially be launched in China, the country that’s currently the global leader in the electric vehicle market. The vehicle will be the first GM auto to use Ultrium battery technology. GM says the battery electronics will be incorporated right into the modules, eliminating almost 90 percent of wiring for the battery pack, when you compare it to GM’s current EVs.

GM execs hope its new product will rival Tesla, the dominant electric vehicle maker today.

Steve Carlisle, President of GM’s North American division and Cadillac, said: “It marks a turning point for the brand, a pivot point for the brand, an opportunity to regain momentum and position the Cadillac brand for its next chapter. Lyriq really is the cornerstone upon which we are going to build the future.”

The Lyriq crossover features a diagonal 33-inch LED screen on its interior, lighting technology on its exterior, and the GM Super Cruise system to assist drivers. The vehicle will have an illuminated crest and dozens of bars lit to form a black “grille” surrounding the Cadillac logo.

“It really is an amazing piece of engineering and, frankly, industrial design. We wanted to make it feel like a piece of jewelry, so it does kind of float,” said Andrew Smith, the executive director for Global Cadillac Design.

The new vehicle will also have a “dual-plane augmented reality-enhanced head-up display.” The feature offers driver and navigational information on the front windshield. A remote self-parking feature will also be available.

Carlisle said the design “further positions Cadillac as a technology spearhead for General Motors.”

According to General Motors, the range of the Lyriq is somewhere over 300 miles per charge and may reach 400 miles per charge. The Model Y crossover by Tesla can run up to 316 miles per single charge. Tesla’s Model S sedan is said to run more than 400 miles per charge.

GM said it plans for most of its Cadillac vehicles to be all-electric by 2030. Carlisle said the company’s goal is “to lead.”

The new EV offering will be available in both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive systems.

Plants in North America and China will be manufacturing the Lyriq. The Detroit-based automaker originally planned to reveal its plans for the Lyriq in March, but the novel coronavirus temporarily suspended those plans. The automaker said that it will proceed with its electric and autonomous investment despite the pandemic and plans to invest $20 billion.


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