AARP Joins Fight Against Overpriced Prescriptions

The organization's "Stop Rx Greed” campaign hopes to achieve lower drug prices for all Americans.

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The Over-50 advocacy organization, AARP, is joining the fight against overpriced prescription medications. The organization has announced the launch of “Stop Rx Greed”. The move by AARP is a campaign directed towards lowering the prices of prescription drugs.

The campaign isn’t geared only towards those over 50. AARP says it hopes to impact the pharmaceutical sector in driving prices down for all Americans.

Executive Vice President of AARP Nancy LeaMond says “Americans are paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world. “It’s time for pharmaceutical companies to stop deflecting blame and acknowledge that the root cause is the price they set for their products.”

AARP plans to target the federal and state level governments and petition for a number of regulatory actions that will make prescription medication more affordable for all U.S. citizens.

AARP’s Stop Rx Greed campaign includes a multifaceted approach to gaining traction on lower prescription drug prices. Among them, advertisements in multiple media, advocacy in the national and state level, and petitioning Congress and the President to make immediate changes in price structures.

AARP hopes its efforts will affect policy changes that will allow Medicare and each state to hold negotiations for lower drug prices, address loopholes that prevent generics from being a lower-cost alternative to brand drugs, and lower maximum out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for patients.

“There’s no one solution that’s going to solve this issue,” said AARP Senior Vice President of Campaigns, John Hishta. “Success will be when consumers are no longer price gouged by the drug industry and can afford the drugs they need.”


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