IBM and Cloudera Partner Together

The companies will be able to offer greater access to analytics and AI solutions.


Today, IBM and Cloudera announced plans to partner together to sell big data applications and expand access to AI solutions.

Cloudera, a digital transformation company, had recently completed its acquisition of Hortonworks in January. IBM has a long-standing collaborative relationship with Hortonworks under which the two have created solutions for data management and data science. The partnership between Cloudera and IBM will build on those solutions and develop and sell analytic tools to expand access across the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

Part of the agreement calls for IBM to remarket Cloudera Data Flow and Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub. Cloudera will resell BigSQL and IBM Watson Studio.

Just over two weeks ago, Cloudera’s Tom Reilly retired as CEO. The news disappointed investors and the company’s stock plunged 32 percent. Cloudera said stiff competition by public cloud suppliers caused the company to downgrade its outlook. Consumers had been pausing their purchases before the release of the Cloudera Data platform.

Scott Andress, VP of Cloudera’s Global Channels and Alliances, said: “By teaming more strategically with IBM, we can accelerate data-driven decision making for our joint enterprise customers who want a hybrid and multi-cloud data management solution with common security and governance. We are pleased to have expanded our relationship with IBM, and I am very encouraged by the momentum that our companies have continued to generate together since the merger.”


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