Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners Finalize Acquisitions From Linde

The partnership should strengthen Messer’s position in the American gas market.


Effective March 1, the Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners finalized its acquisition of the major portions of Linde PLC’s assets in North America as well as a limited number of Linde’s South American activities.

The new venture will be known as Messer Industries. The strategic partnership should bolster the Messer Group’s standing in American gas markets. The company experienced investor instability in the early 2000s and had to restructure its business, creating a sell-off of two-thirds of its enterprise in 2004. Much of the sell-off included industrial gas operations here in the U.S. as well as in the UK and Germany.

The acquisition offers the Messer Group a chance to strengthen its position in the U.S. as well as throughout the Americas.

“In creating this strategic partnership, we are seizing a unique opportunity to return to the North and South American markets. This will turn Messer into a global player in this sector and consolidate its position as the largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Stefan Messer, CEO and proprietor of the Messer Group emphasized.

“We intend to fully integrate the joint venture into the family-run Messer Group within a few years,” he added. “In the medium term, we want to use the merger of the two companies to become a global player again with a presence in the relevant industrial gases markets.”

Jonny Dearden, a senior business analyst of Gasworld, says Messer’s re-entry to North American markets with Linde assets will increase the German company’s share to approximately 14%, making them the fourth largest player in the North American industrial gas market.


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