Microsoft Release Date for New Xbox Series Announced

The software company is also offering financing for its gaming consoles.


Microsoft says the release date for its new Xbox Series X and Series S is November 10. Consumers will be able to preorder the gaming consoles on September 22. The Series X model will list for $499, while the more economical Series S will cost $299.

Microsoft is also offering financing for the new consoles and will allow customers to pay for the newly released Xbox products over 24 months. The Xbox Series S will cost consumers $24.99 a month over two years, while the Xbox Series X will cost $34.99 per month over the same number of months.

Microsoft said its financing plans include access to its subscription service for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA play, allowing consumers to stream or download over 100 games to Xbox or a PC. Paying for the new Xbox over time will also allow customers to stream their mobile services from the cloud to a mobile Android. Consumers who don’t finance their Xbox, but want a Game Pass Ultimate will have to pay for the subscription, which retails for beginning at $9.99 per month.

The higher-end Series X console is four times more powerful than Microsoft’s current Xbox One X console. It includes the 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor, the same processor Sony intends to use for its PS5. However, Xbox’s graphic card is a higher grade.

The Series S console is more compact than the Series X console and is said to be Microsoft’s smallest Xbox yet at 60 percent smaller than its modern counterpart. However, the unit doesn’t have a disc drive, so users will have to either download or stream all of their games.


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