Survey Shows That Remote Employees Still Prefer Some Office Time

Employees surveyed say they enjoy being part of the company culture as well as having the opportunity to collaborate with others.

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Remote workers are fast becoming the new normal in business. But a recent survey by Clutch, a B2B research firm, shows that even employees who work remotely prefer some time in the office.

Of the 503 employees surveyed, 73 percent say they would still choose to go into the office to conduct at least some of their work duties. One of the reasons cited is that they feel more like they’re part of the company culture when working more closely with coworkers. Working in the office also allows them to collaborate better with company employees.

Other findings in the survey show that 17 percent of employees would choose only remote work, while 11 percent would prefer to work in the office only. 29% would prefer to split their duties down the middle and work half of the time from home and the other half of the time in the office.

Even among employees who prefer some office time, just over half say they still prefer to retreat to a private office to do their work duties. These employees say that open office space is more prone to interruptions and distractions, which can impede their work. However, 28 percent prefer a more modern open floor plan, while 20 percent enjoy working out of office cubicles. The important thing to most remote employees is that they have a dedicated space to work from when they return to the office.

It’s reported that most office personnel have tasks that need to be completed both independently as well as with their team members.

Businesses who offer a variety of work atmospheres to cater to its employees tend to have more productive workers. Seventy-four percent of business offices have dedicated personal spaces for its employees. Fifty-six percent offer conference rooms, 53 percent offer smaller spaces to collaborate, 51 percent have break rooms, and 41 percent offer other quiet spaces for its employees.


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