GoodRx Partners With DoorDash to Get Discounted Medications to Gig Workers

Gig workers will also have access to virtual doctor visits.


Freelancers and contract and gig workers often miss out on finding affordable prescription medications because they don’t have a group health insurance policy to fall back on. But, things might change for the better due to a new partnership between GoodRx and DoorDash. The deal between the two companies could help gig workers like drivers who bring food deliveries to consumers access discounted prescriptions.

Doug Hirsch, GoodRx CEO, explained: “We’re focused on trying to serve not just American consumers, but organizations {and} employers — anyone that basically is finding these pain points and wants to have a healthy population.”

The partnership between the pharmaceutical marketplace and the food delivery service will offer DoorDash’s couriers, or Dashers, access to discounted prescription medications through GoodRx’s Gold plan. The discounts will be available through U.S. pharmacies across the country.

GoodRx recently forged a similar agreement with USAA to serve military veterans and families with financial offerings such as insurance.

Through the program with GoodRx, Dashers can schedule virtual visits with physicians and have their prescription drugs mailed at no cost. GoodRx said the program would help its members save potentially thousands of dollars per year on prescriptions.

According to a 2019 joint study from Upwork and the Freelancers Union, around 35 percent of workers in the U.S. are freelancers. That amounts to over 57 million workers who potentially don’t have a health insurance program through work or their own.

While some investors have minimized GoodRx’s relevance, citing competition through Amazon, Hirsch shrugged those concerns. Amazon announced that it would begin offering an online prescription service last year. 

Hirsch points out that the companies aren’t in competition because GoodRx works directly with pharmacies. He said, “You can get better prices and more choice with GoodRx, and yet people still, you know, somehow think Amazon is going to win this battle. Nothing’s going to beat a marketplace because we work very closely with all retailers to provide the best prices at the place you want to go.”



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