Nielsen Acquires Sorenson Media as a Final Move Toward Its Advanced Video Advertising

Its newest acquisition hopes to enhance end-to-end user experience in the addressable advertising space.


Data and analytics giant, Nielsen, has acquired Sorenson Media, an addressable TV ad provider. Nielsen is known for its monitoring and assessment of consumer desires and behaviors concerning purchases.

The acquisition may be a final stepping stone to a newly launched product by Nielsen called Nielsen Advanced Video Advertising. The focal point of the innovative technology platform will be its ability to expand and create more addressable advertising for smart TVs and similar media. The initiative will deliver a more personalized delivery to its users by transforming television experiences from a one-to-many medium to a one-to-one medium. According to Statista, it expects more than 250 million smart tv users by the year 2023.

The addition of Sorenson Media to its suite of acquisitions is likely a final move by Nielsen to secure its dominance in the field. Nielsen has made similar bold moves in the past few years to strengthen its position as a leader in addressable advertising. Experts say Nielsen’s latest acquisition gives the company an edge with an automated platform that will enable ad delivery, target consumer preferences, and offer real-time optimization.

Nielsen CEO David Kenny says “It’s clear that a significant portion of TV advertising will be addressable long into the future. With the continued evolution of our Total Audience measurement, underpinned by decades of trust, transparency and independence, it was evident that we needed to bring our unique set of technology assets and talent to tackle the greatest challenges the TV advertising industry is facing. And with the Sorenson Media acquisition, we can create improved value and efficiency across the entire media chain—from ad targeting and delivery to measurement and attribution—and make addressable TV more of a reality.”

Nielsen’s previous acquisition of Gracenote’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology combined with Sorenson’s addressable TV ad platform places Nielson in a position to deliver the ultimate end-to-end user experience.


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