Walmart to Offer Free One-Day Shipping to its Online Customers

The latest move is likely another step in the right direction to remain competitive with Amazon.

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The largest global retailer is stepping up its game. Walmart will now offer its online customers one-day shipping. The move likely comes as Amazon announced its own one-day delivery plan for Amazon Prime members.

Walmart announced its new delivery option in an online post, citing that Phoenix and Las Vegas will benefit first from the new delivery plan. In a few days, South California will be next in line to benefit from the expedited delivery setup.

Marc Lore, a Walmart e-commerce executive for the U.S., said “We have been working on this for the past several years. We’ve been investing…and now we are in the position to reap the benefits.”

Walmart plans to have the overnight delivery option available to three-quarters of its customers by the end of the year. The company intends to roll out the platform to 40 out of 50 of the top major cities in the country.

Walmart will implement the new platform by offering approximately 220,000 of its most frequently purchased online items for next-day delivery. The items will likely include more toys and electronics. Over time, the company plans to add more items to the platform, which will be free for orders totaling over $35.

Lore said, “This is the future of the supply chain. The more products we add to this experience…the more profitable the orders will be.”

While Amazon’s own platform has no minimum purchase, customers have to be an Amazon Prime member to reap the benefits, which costs $119 a year.

Walmart’s timeline for its new delivery platform is a step up from Amazon’s, which hasn’t revealed any set date for its own overnight delivery. However, Amazon has already offered same-day delivery as well as two-hour delivery schedules for some of its products to certain Prime members, albeit at an additional charge to its customers.

The new shipping platform offered by Amazon will expand those items available to be delivered via next-day delivery and more ZIP codes will be eligible for the expedited service.

The latest move by Walmart isn’t the first time the company made online shopping more enticing for its customers. In early 2017, Walmart had previously began offering free two-day shipping on orders that totaled more than $35. Previously, the minimim threshold was $50.


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