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Bank of America Giving Cash Bonuses and Stock to Workers

More than 200,000 of Bank of America’s employees just got word that they’ll receive a nice little bonus next month. The company’s...

GameStop Shares Exploded on Friday and Went Up by 70%

GameStop may be the stock that everyone on Wall Street loves to hate, but there was no indication of that during last...

More Than $100 Billion Erased From Cryptocurrency Market in Two Days

The cryptocurrency market shaved over $100 million in a 48-hour period. The sell-off was predominantly due to bitcoin prices falling below $32,000....

Ether Tumbles After Reaching Intraday High

Ether shares tumbled on Wednesday after the cryptocurrency saw an intraday high on Tuesday, rallying up to 17 percent, reaching $1,439. The...

Assets For Cryptocurrency Firm Grayscale Jumped 900% in 2020

At the beginning of  2020, crypto firm Grayscale began the year with $2 billion of assets under its management. By the end...