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Dow Surges Ahead on Monday With Tech Leading the Pack

Stocks surged ahead on Monday with the tech industry leading with robust gains. Last week’s positive performance likely fueled the momentum into...
Tesla_Becomes_The_Top_Automobile_Maker_by _Market_Value

Tesla Becomes The Top Automobile Maker by Market Value

This week, Tesla overtook Toyota as the top automaker when the company’s market value reached $206.5 billion. Toyota previously held the esteemed...

Dow Ends its Best Quarter Since 1987

On the final day of the second quarter, stocks sharply rose to end the best quarter seen since 1987.

Shale Oil Trailblazer Chesapeake Energy Files for Bankruptcy

The coronavirus has claimed yet another oil company and pushed it towards insolvency. Chesapeake Energy, a shale oil pioneer, has filed for...

Gilead’s COVID-19 Treatment Will Cost $3,120 Per Patient

Gilead Sciences, the drugmaker for remdesivir, the promising new coronavirus treatment, has announced that it will begin charging for the drug in...