The American College of Cardiology and Veradigm Enter Partnership

The partnership will help to create the biggest ambulatory chronic disease network.

The-American-College-of-Cardiology andVeradigm-Enter-Partnership

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the data analytical firm Veradigm have entered into a partnership. The collaboration is an effort to usher in the next generation of research on cardiology and diabetes.

The partnership will help to create the biggest ambulatory chronic disease network in the U.S. that will include more than 100 million patients and 250,000 clinicians. The network will be made possible by leveraging the accessibility of a multi-specialty electronic health record network and ACC’s collaborative diabetes registry along with NCDR PINNACLE Registry.

Veradigm’s CEO, Tom Langan, said “The ability to facilitate meaningful change and move the needle in solving the heart disease and cardiometabolic crises facing our world is unprecedented. We look forward to working with the ACC to re-shape the future and improve the lives of patients everywhere.”

Joining the institutions together will allow for an expanded and enhanced experience for providers, patients, insurance companies, researchers, and other general stakeholders in the health care ecosystem. Patients will have more opportunities to be part of research trials, allowing them more access to current medical solutions. Providers hope to find a more seamless workflow at the point-of-care.

Insurance companies will be able to intervene in patient care through disease management interventions and other health initiatives. Researchers will have expanded access to more than 100 million patients in the cardiovascular database to include in its scientific research studies.

Richard J. Kovacs, MD, ACC’s president, said “ACC and Veradigm are transforming how cardiovascular and diabetes care are delivered by providing clinicians access to the right clinical information at the right time to improve the outcomes of their patients. As information technology transforms how we practice medicine, it is essential that we partner with the most accomplished innovators to ensure our field has full access to the fruit of technology’s progress. Our partnership with Veradigm will ensure we continue to meet our commitments to registry participants while preparing to deliver a whole new generation of clinical tools and research opportunities.”

The partnership will also maximize Veradigm’s primary care and specialist provider network on Allscripts and Practice Fusion electronic medical records. ACC’s clinical guidelines and decision pathways will have more impact on patient care.


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