Trustmark Announces Partnership with Plug and Play

The collaboration will strengthen Trustmark’s footprint in the marketplace by enabling them to have a technologically-advanced edge.


Trustmark, one of the nation’s leading employee voluntary benefits provider, has announced its partnership with Plug and Play, a top Silicon Valley global initiation platform.

Trustmark’s CEO Kevin Slawin said that the partnership will help the companies to better anticipate the competitive forces that shape their businesses in the future.

“At a time of increasing change and disruption, Plug and Play’s focus on Insurtech, employee benefits, and health innovation will introduce us to technology startup partners that can potentially accelerate our strategies to further differentiate Trustmark in the marketplace,” Slawin said.

The Illinois-based Trustmark has more than 100 years of experience in providing a spectrum of benefits to employees with the goal of improving their financial and health wellbeing. The benefits include self-funded health benefits, benefit administration, wellness programs, voluntary benefits, and health and fitness management in the workplace.

Trustmark’s CIO Brad Bodell added, “Trustmark is committed to innovation and finding solutions to benefit our clients and shareholders. This partnership will help Trustmark improve its speed to market, enhance our digital capabilities, and help us create a technology-enabled competitive advantage.”

Plug and Play has left a global footprint in its industry, having 280 official corporate partners across multiple industries in the startup ecosystem. It has offices in New York, Munich, Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore. The platform is headquartered in Silicon Valley where it has built accelerator programs and initiated corporate innovation services.

Plug and Play’s CEO and Founder, Saeed Amidi, said “We leverage the most innovative technologies from health, insurance, and more than ten other industries to help our partners transform their digital strategy. We are excited to partner with Trustmark and drive disruptive solutions within the employee benefits and health space.”


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